The DBA law

The web module pilot is the only remaining measure within the replacement of the DBA law. Since a lot has happened over the past few years, we list all the important data and changes for you.

DBA law to be replaced

The DBA law has not brought the clarity and peace of mind that was intended. In May 2016, the Declaration of Employment Relationships (VAR) expired and the introduction of the DBA law was approved. From then on, client and contractor could use special model contracts to shape the employment relationship. It soon became clear that the introduction of the DBA law caused unrest and uncertainty for both client and contractor. The cabinet decided at the time to replace the law.

dba law

The pilot web module

The replacement plans for the DBA law have constantly changed in recent years-for a variety of reasons. In January, the web module pilot was launched. In the pilot phase, the web module serves as an information tool for clients to gain clarity on the qualification of a labor relationship. The pilot phase will test whether the web module is helpful in practice for clients who need more clarity on the qualification of a labor relationship. After the pilot phase, a decision will be made on the continuation of the web module.

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We take you through the state of the labor market and specifically the relationships between permanent and flex

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Advice for clients

With the demise of the VAR, the responsibility for a correct representation and execution of the working relationship with a self-employed person has become more explicitly the responsibility of the organization, which entails risks.

One of our DBA Act consultants will be happy to visit you, without obligation, to advise you on how to minimize these and all other risks related to the hiring of freelancers and other external professionals. Request a consultation via

Current news overview

We monitor developments regarding the DBA law and the web module. We influence opinion and legislation through our contacts with politicians. We bring important news together for you.

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