Talent Monitor: Hyperscarcity in the labor market

Where TTM and scarcity go hand in hand at the moment, a nice bridge - after the first edition of the Talent Monitor in the theme 'Total Talent Management' - to put the second edition entirely in the theme of 'scarcity'. We dive into this trend and provide unique insights based on Intelligence Group's recruitment data and HeadFirst Group's hiring data.

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For the first time in history hyper-scarcity in the flex market

For a while, organizations were able to afford the luxury of filling the shortage of permanent employees with temporary, external professionals. Those days are over: the flexible labor market is also in short supply on all fronts. Read the entire press release here.

Zzp rates shoot up as inflation spikes

While inflation in the Netherlands is at its highest level in almost twenty years, a sharp dichotomy is emerging between the wages of employees and the rates of self-employed workers. The self-employed can demand considerably higher rates, while collective bargaining wages cannot keep up with price developments.

Main observations

  • The proportion of active assignment seekers among self-employed workers is 26% and 30% in the last two quarters, meaning that nearly three-quarters are not looking for a new assignment, if at all.
  • Assignments for highly skilled professionals receive five times fewer offers.
  • Whereas in quarter 2, 71% of the highly educated and 58% of the low educated self-employed had fewer paid assignments due to corona, in the third quarter of 2021, the figure is only 27% (highly educated) and 47% (low educated).
  • Sourcing pressure on self-employed to new record: nearly 7 out of 10 self-employed are approached at least once a quarter for an assignment.
  • Rates of highly skilled self-employed workers are increasing from year to year between 3.5 - 7%. This increase seems to accelerate especially in the last quarters.
  • Detachers respond with recruitment of new staff: 47% increase in number of vacancies between quarter 3 2020 and quarter 3 2021.


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