Get a grip on hiring? Outsource your hiring process

A Managed Service Provider coordinates the entire hiring process on behalf of - and customized for - your organization, often using a Vendor Management System (VMS). This includes not only the administrative handling of contracts, hours and invoices, but also the recruitment and selection of temporary talent, including all contacts with suppliers of external personnel (secondment agencies, employment agencies and intermediaries) and freelancers.

Hiring an MSP gives you control and direction over the hiring process: you recruit better candidates through a wider range of offerings, and you save costs through optimal market forces.

That's why our MSP solution

  • Grip and direction on the hiring process
  • Better quality candidates through a wider range of offerings
  • A cost savings between 10 and 20%
  • Error-free and streamlined execution of all administrative work, including file management, timekeeping, invoicing and payment
  • Transparent and efficient cooperation for all parties
  • Risk management around all laws and regulations
  • Insights and trend analysis as a benchmark for your hiring of external talent

Staffing Management Services and ProUnity are the brands within HeadFirst Group that act as Managed Service Providers. They have implemented hundreds of MSP programs - large and small.

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