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In Recruitment Process Outsourcing, an organization outsources all or part of the recruitment process for permanent staff to an outside expert. An RPO is very versatile and goes far beyond recruitment and selection. Consider: recruitment marketing, sourcing, onboarding, tooling and reporting.

Reasons for organizations to choose an RPO are 1) they are dealing with a difficult to recruit target group, 2) there is too little time/capacity or 3) there is insufficient knowledge or expertise within the HR department.

That's why Sterksen's RPO solution

  • Quality: improve the quality of your candidates by leaving scarce recruiting to the best recruiters
  • High success rate: structurally stronger employer brand through our recruitment marketing
  • Personal touch: short lines of communication with in-house recruiters
  • Time efficiency: reduce the time it takes to attract scarce talent
  • Cost savings: optimize recruitment costs with efficient processes

Sterksen is the company within HeadFirst Group that offers Recruitment Process Outsourcing. They have implemented dozens of RPO programs - large and small.

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