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A practical reference book with a solid theoretical foundation that will get you started immediately on professionalizing your hiring. An indispensable handbook for line managers, executives, HR professionals and buyers.

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'Professionally Hiring External Labor' is the only handbook that covers all aspects of the Dutch flex market and - where possible - substantiated with CBS figures.

This book offers a unique perspective as the hiring organization takes center stage. Temporary employment, secondment, payroll, self-employment and mediation, all forms of external employment are reviewed in detail. This includes ample attention to the business model of the various forms of supply.

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Professionally hiring outside labor

In nine concise chapters, the authors describe, among other things, the supply and demand side of the market, the profile of the external worker, relevant laws and regulations and the trends that will shape the flex market in the coming period. Thanks to an integral framework for external hiring, the shell model and four possible hiring constructions, any organization can organize external hiring in a professional manner or outsource it if desired.

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Paul Oldenburg

Paul Oldenburg (1969) was responsible at Syntegra and Flex Groep Nederland for the deployment and development of consultants, interim managers and project managers. As co-founder of Evita Particuliere Zorg, he explored the possibilities of deploying various forms of flex-work as early as 2003. He also gained experience with the deployment of flexible labor as director of two small international temporary employment agencies. Since 2009 Oldenburg has been associated with Staffing Management Services. In this book he combines his interest in the functioning of markets and organizations (transaction cost theory) with his practical experience in organizing the flexible shell.

Max Boodie

Max Boodie (1964) started his career at Berenschot where he founded the procurement consulting group in 1997. In 2005 he started DPA Supply Chain together with the listed company DPA. At DPA Supply Chain Max was active in secondment, consultancy and recruitment for procurement and supply chain management. Since 2011, Boodie has been involved as an investor in the start-up or relaunch of companies. He is also a part time PhD candidate at the University of Groningen where he researches the behavior of buyers and the internal customers of procurement. Boodie is the author of many columns and articles. He has also published several books on benchmark studies and several collections of columns.

Rob de Laat

Rob de Laat (1966) has been active in the world of flexible labor since 1989. As a board member of the Rijnhaave Groep he was surprised by the lack of direction on hiring at organizations. At that time, he already questioned the lack of alignment between the organizational goals and the personal goals of the flex professionals deployed. Since the sale of the secondment agency. Flex Groep Nederland he has his hands free to focus on realizing his dream: creating a transparent and flexible labor market, where the interests of hirer, service provider and flex worker are in balance.

Peter Donker of Heel

Peter Donker van Heel Phd (1956) is a partner of The Policy Researchers. In the past decades he has completed over 500 studies in the field of the labor factor. Examples include studies on temporary agency work, payroll work and other triangular relationships, motives of employers and employees to choose a certain form of contract and evaluations of labor market policies and labor market measures.

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