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The HeadFirst Group theater

Looking for the perfect venue for your next event? It's all possible at our Hoofddorp office!

Our theater is a whopping 1,700 square feet and offers endless possibilities in lighting and sound, making your event truly come to life. The eye-catcher of the theater is the projection screen, it is no less than 4 meters high and 32 meters wide and unique for its 180 degree projection.

To complete the event, you can visit the 800-square-foot restaurant with built-in bar and full kitchen. Have any questions? Then feel free to email

Podcast and webinar studio

Looking for the perfect place for podcasts and webinars? Then discover our professional podcasting and webinar studio! This studio isavailable with both physical and online broadcasting capabilities.

Need additional meeting space? We can do that too! Our Connect meeting room is a perfect space for breakout sessions, among other things.

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