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Talent Monitor: Rate development professionals 2024

We are balancing between economic contraction and growth. After nine months of decline, we saw a modest rebound in our economy in the fourth quarter of 2023. Despite once again challenging market conditions such as inflation and "higher" market interest rates, we ventured another forecast for 2024 with this Talent Monitor.

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ICT labor market in figures 2023-2024

Despite the fact that the market is turning, there is no sign of any relaxation or serious decrease in scarcity in the ICT labor market. This Talent Monitor focuses specifically on ICT professionals and provides insight into various aspects of the labor market. Such as development of vacancies/assignments, labor market activity, job changes, sourcing pressure, pull factors, employment conditions, the most desired employer, the most in-demand and fastest growing ICT skills and information on rates.

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The economic and social value of independent professionals

There are about 110 thousand highly educated independent professionals in the Netherlands, who collectively generate social added value of 4.4 billion euros per year. To identify the social costs and benefits of this specific target group, SEO Economic Research commissioned independent research and released it in a report.

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Getting a grip on the zzp dossier. Facts and insights on self-employed workers in 2023

In 2021, knowledge platform ZiPconomy released an independent and factual report on the zzp population in the Netherlands. A lot has changed in the past two years, so it was time for an update. In this renewed edition, we once again map the diversity of the target group to take the zzp dossier to the next level.

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Book: 'Professional hiring of outside labor'

'Professional hiring of external labor' is the only handbook that covers all aspects of the Dutch flex market and - where possible - substantiated with CBS figures. A practical reference work with a solid theoretical foundation, with which everyone can get to work immediately. An indispensable handbook for line managers, executives, HR professionals and buyers.

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The self-employed do exist. Facts about the self-employed without staff

With this report - compiled by independent knowledge platform ZiPconomy - we list valuable facts, figures and insights about the self-employed. The goal: to map the heterogeneity and diversity of the target group and raise the public debate about the labor market to a higher level.

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Independence, flexibility and social security. A look across the border

Not only here in the Netherlands do we struggle with laws and regulations surrounding work. The countries around us are also dealing with a society that is modernizing, digitizing and flexibilizing. For that reason, it is definitely worth taking a look into the kitchens of other countries.

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Current news overview

Stay up to date with relevant news about the labor market? We monitor new developments and bring together-important news for you.

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DBA law & the web module pilot

The web module pilot is the only remaining measure within the replacement of the DBA law. Since a lot has happened over the past few years, we list all the important data and changes for you.

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