The self-employed do exist. Facts about the self-employed

With this report - compiled by independent knowledge platform ZiPconomy - we list valuable facts, figures and insights about the self-employed. The goal: to map the heterogeneity and diversity of the target group and raise the public debate about the labor market to a higher level.

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Wrong data & interpretations color debate on future of self-employment

The political debate about the future of the self-employed in the labor market is conducted on the basis of wrong data and misinterpretations. This emerges from a publication by independent knowledge platform ZiPconomy, which was commissioned by HeadFirst Group and ONL voor Ondernemers to map the heterogeneity and diversity of the self-employed population in the Netherlands. Read the entire press release here.

Self-employed people exist, of course, but cannot be defined

'The self-employed person does not exist' is a cliché that has regularly recurred in the political-social debate in recent years. It indicates that the total group of more than a million self-employed persons without personnel is very diverse. Think freelance copywriters, interim managers and package deliverers. Then there are the bakers on the corner, the artists, the self-employed therapists. Read more at ZiPconomy.

To take the self-employed debate to the next level, the right numbers are crucial

Han Kolff, chairman of the board of HeadFirst Group talked to BNR Radio about the report. Listen back to the interview via the excerpt below.


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