Access to complete flexible labor market

A Freelance Management System (FMS) is a software platform that helps companies manage and access relevant self-employed workers, either in their own pool or throughout the flexible labor market. An FMS is a powerful product to connect to a Vendor Management System (VMS) in an MSP program or intermediary solution. This can be client branded - in the client's look and feel - or by using Striive with its existing network of tens of thousands of independent professionals.

This is why Striive's FMS

  • All aspects of freelance management in one system: from recruitment to contracting and invoicing
  • Start with your own freelancers or directly with the entire network in Striive
  • Manage your own talent pool or outsource to one of HeadFirst Group's brands
  • Quickly find the best match with qualified freelance talent through advanced matching algorithms
  • Efficient and compliant onboarding
  • Automation of the billing and payment process

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