NS currently has about 1,100 job openings. For on the train, but also for IT or in the office. One reason: tightness in the labor market. Not only is permanent staff scarce, but the limits for the flexible labor market have been reached. The number of offers on assignments for highly skilled work has plummeted and secondment agencies are selling out.

To recruit, engage and retain talent in this day and age, it is necessary for organizations to pull out all the stops. It forces them to look at the entire workforce in an integral way. The form of contract is less relevant; bringing in the right talent comes first. Weak employer branding is currently compensated by organizations by hiring hordes of recruiters. While the answer lies in data-driven recruitment methods and approaching alternative target groups, such as talent abroad or with a distance to the labor market.

Anyone who temporarily needs someone to test an application can be helped out very well by hiring a professional with autism externally. To this end, for example, we have collaborations with secondment agencies specializing in assisting autistic people with their work. We see it as our social responsibility as an HR service provider to create an inclusive and equal environment for professionals.