In everyday life, we are increasingly affected by labor market shortages. For example, the important Ketheltunnel in the highway from Rotterdam to The Hague was closed for hours, the NS runs fewer trains and classes are sent home because there are no teachers. Marion van Happen, CEO of HeadFirst Group, spoke with Luna van der Waarde, media specialist at ANP Expert Support, about another example: Schiphol Airport. What the airport is doing to keep people in, recruit and what is the thinking from unions and government about flex workers?

Quickly scaling up this type of profile in a tight labor market is a major challenge. In this situation, organizations sometimes forget to take good care of the people who are already working for you, to keep them close and can use them to train new colleagues. Despite this, better benefits and employer branding, among other things, are particularly used in recruitment. My advice: put retention first and recruitment second.

Flexibility & freedom of choice
The current image is that "fixed" is safe and "flex" is pathetic. While a flexible shell actually helps organizations to organize their business operations to the maximum. My message is therefore: let entrepreneurs do business freely. We cannot ignore the large group of self-employed people who consciously choose to do business in freedom, have a strong negotiating position and are very satisfied with their working conditions. If the new administration focuses on appropriate measures for occupations with lower hourly rates, we can successfully move toward clarity for all self-employed workers and their clients.

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