For several months now, working people have been able to take advantage of a STAP subsidy. Budget - up to € 1,000 per year - to follow a training, education or course. A very desirable development, according to the high demand. Both the first and second tranches were sold out in no time. Being able to decide on one's own career development is important because jobs are disappearing, processes are being automated and digitized. As a result, the skills required are changing rapidly.

It requires employed people to continuously invest in the targeted development of knowledge and skills in order to continuously add value to a work or client. However, self-employed workers who consciously choose entrepreneurship spend significantly fewer hours on training and development - compared to permanent employees.

Developing 'on the job'

Highly skilled self-employed workers are intrinsically motivated to develop themselves, but base this primarily on existing professional knowledge and experience. They have extensive work experience that they apply to clients' projects. Development 'on the job' is what they do every day, that is where the basis is formed, but supplementing knowledge with education and training is necessary.

That is why we facilitate personal development and continuous learning for the self-employed with our training platform Select Academy. Of course, the entrepreneur remains in charge - he or she became an entrepreneur for a reason - but we consider it our duty to make continuous learning as attractive as possible in order to steer professionals forward to their next dream role.

About Select Academy
The training environment, realized by HeadFirst Group in exclusive cooperation with the continuous learning platform MyCademy, offers professional training from 'world leading' providers in the fields of IT, management and finance, among others. Professionals can at any time, unlimited online training, virtual labs and knowledge sessions. The Select Academy subscription is one of the benefits of the Select Professionals & Partners services, HeadFirst Group's platform.

In addition to the opportunity to acquire challenging assignments through HeadFirst Group, zp'ers and suppliers of professionals can take advantage of services such as administrative support, accelerated payment of invoices, group discounts on various insurances and benefits in the area of personal development as they wish.