Second edition ArbeidsmarktPoort a fact

After a successful inaugural edition in April, the second edition of the Labor Market Gate took place on Tuesday, October 24. On the initiative of the Bovib, the VvDN and ONL voor Ondernemers, several speakers came together to engage in a conversation with each other and those present in the room.

The Labor Market Gate provides a space for experts and stakeholders to exchange views and share knowledge and ideas on labor market issues. This second edition focused on labor market reform and cooperation between politics and the polder. A theme that is currently causing a lot of controversy, especially when it comes to the position of self-employed workers.

Kim Putters, president of the SER, kicked off the well-attended meeting. According to Putters, the (structural) shortage in the labor market urgently requires answers that are currently lacking. Especially long-term labor market policy is an issue that should be addressed in the elections. This evoked quite some discussion in the audience.

Marion van Happen, CEO of HeadFirst Group, appoints halfway through the discussion the elephant in the room: the draft proposal of the Law Verduidelijking Beoordeling Arbeidsrelaties en Rechtsverm presumen (VBAR) that is now up for consultation. A bill that has drawn a lot of criticism. Indeed, the content of the current draft bill could get in the way of the position of many zzp'ers. Stan Kaatee, Director General of Work at the Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment, says that all critical reactions to the proposal are being seriously considered.

Contract form-neutral security, for example a social system for all workers to protect them from the consequences of disability, could put an end to the discussion about laws and regulations for flex workers, including self-employed workers. You can overcome the problems of vulnerable self-employed workers at the base of the labor market, which politicians want to address with generic measures. On the other hand, such a huge system change will take at least five to ten years. First we must have a clear long-term vision. At the moment, that vision is lacking in political The Hague. A discussion point about which the last word has by no means been spoken.

HeadFirst Group supports the initiative of this ArbeidsmarktPoort and strongly supports a constructive, fundamental and factual debate on issues and challenges regarding the Dutch labor market. We will continue to contribute to meetings and debate sessions, and are already looking forward to the next edition.

Do you have questions about the Labor Market Gate and our position in the labor market file? If so, please contact Sem Overduin, Public Affairs Officer at HeadFirst Group. He can be reached at