Absenteeism among corporate and government personnel has never been higher than in the first quarter of this year, figures from the Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS) show. After the flu or cold, psychological complaints, overwork and burnout are the most frequently mentioned. In the event that a self-employed person drops out for these reasons, he or she does not receive any benefits, provided they have made their own arrangements.

Of all self-employed people in the Netherlands, more than a third have no provision for disability, representing more than 400,000 self-employed people. Since 2019, that number has fallen by 3 percent to 37 percent.

Zzp'ers want to, but have nothing

Part of the self-employed deliberately choose not to make provision for disability, according to the latest Self-Employed Labor Survey (2021) from CBS. For example, because they can bear the financial risk themselves (25.9 percent) and/or can rely on a partner's income (20.5 percent). Still, there is a large proportion who do want to make provision, but do not think the costs outweigh the benefits (46.6 percent) and/or simply cannot afford it (30.7 percent).

Still open need

In early 2022, Platform Select joined forces with insurtech Alicia. They offer embedded solutions that are made available in an integrated way through connected platforms using APIs. In collaboration with them and crowdsurance specialist Tulpenfonds, we developed an accessible and collective product for disability, as an alternative to individual insurance. A low-threshold solution, called Select iCommunity Crowdsurance (SiCC), which can be purchased in Select with one click.

This updated product prevents professionals from being faced with a surprise in the form of a variable contribution. Furthermore, the e-wallet always provides insight into the benefit to which the self-employed person is entitled. With this, it fits perfectly with our belief that modern work does not have to be at odds with good provisions for the self-employed.

About SiCC

SiCC - a nod to sick - is an endowment-based provision. It is a net benefit for up to two years, in line with the need of professionals to have an affordable, flexible solution that does not pay out until retirement age, but for a framed period. The product is part of the total package of services for entrepreneurs that HeadFirst Group has offered for years, including benefits such as accelerated payment of invoices, various insurances and unlimited online learning in the Select Academy training environment.