HeadFirst Group, market leader in the field of professional organization of external hiring, has announced Han Kolff – also chairman of the board – as CEO. He takes over this role from Gert-Jan Schellingerhout.

The growth strategy of the organization, both nationally and internationally, will be continued under the leadership of Han Kolff. The focus is on consolidating and expanding its role as a full-service HR service provider, innovating with smart online solutions and adding value with rich data. Han Kolff: “We believe that scale, strengthened by our online platform, and combined with a personal approach is the key to success. I am looking forward to realize our ambitions together”.

In 25 years, market leader in external hiring
Schellingerhout has been active for twenty years in various roles at the organization, which celebrates its 25th anniversary this year. Schellingerhout: “Together we have grown the organization from 3 employees to over 150 now. We serve hundreds of wonderful clients by connecting them to our network of thousands of suppliers and independent professionals. I am enormously proud to have been able to build the organization as it stands today with a passionate team for two decades: the market leader in organizing external hiring”.

About Han Kolff
Kolff has a long track record at large international organizations, including ten years in HR services. He previously held leadership positions at Randstad, Danone and Heineken, among others. He has also been involved in digital business transformations, HR tech start- and scale-ups. Since March of this year Kolff has held the position of Chairman of the Board at HeadFirst Group.

About HeadFirst Group
HeadFirst Group is market leader in the Benelux in the field of professional organization of external hiring. The organization offers a variety of flexible hiring solutions, including contracting, matchmaking, managed service providing and business consultancy. Daily, more than 10,000 professionals work for over 350 clients in Europe, with which HeadFirst Group realizes an annual turnover of more than 1 billion euros. HeadFirst Group’s main brands are intermediaries HeadFirst and Myler and managed service provider Staffing Management Services.

For further information
Do you have any questions or comments regarding this press release? Do you have any questions or comments about this press release? Please contact Bart van der Geest, manager marketing & communication at HeadFirst Group, at +31 (0)23 – 568 56 30 or bart.vandergeest@headfirst.nl.

HeadFirst Group and ONL for Entrepreneurs are joining forces as of 1 March. Last week Gert-Jan Schellingerhout, CEO HeadFirst Group, and Mike Korenvaar, CFO HeadFirst Group, signed the cooperation agreement together with ONL chairman Hans Biesheuvel. Both parties will act together for a fair flexible labor market in which hirers and providers of knowledge – and organizations that connect them – have the space to do business. The monitoring and positive influence of labor market legislation, with the replacement of the Wet DBA at the forefront, is a spearhead.

Get to know politics in The Hague

ONL, located in the heart of The Hague and a stone’s throw from the Binnenhof, is the link between HeadFirst Group and The Hague politics as an independent foundation. “Over the years, ONL has built up a large network of politicians, civil servants and policymakers. The office in The Hague offers the opportunity to be ‘close to the fire’ and to talk to policymakers. ONL also provides political monitoring, so that we as an organization can stay on top of relevant developments. A good next step in our public affairs and lobbying strategy,” says Schellingerhout. “Also, we think we can add value to ONL with our knowledge, data and relationships with tens of thousands of clients, suppliers and self-employed people. Together, we are going to work towards the higher goal of giving entrepreneurs space.”

About ONL for Ondernemers

ONL voor Ondernemers aims to make the Netherlands more entrepreneurial together. The entrepreneurs’ organization makes the voice of the entrepreneur heard by lobbying, raising problems and proposing solutions on issues that bother entrepreneurs. ONL takes a critical look at ramshackle legislation such as the Wet DBA and Wet Werk en Zekerheid, but not without putting forward a well thought-out alternative that will benefit entrepreneurs.