HHeadFirst Group climbs to second place in this week’s published Flexmarkt Turnover Ranking Top-100 2020, which includes the hundred largest organizations in the flexible labour market in the Netherlands based on their turnover in 2019. Last year we reached the top 3 for the first time and were we the biggest grower in the flex market. This year we reach a new milestone with the second place. With a revenue of more than 1 billion euros we are proud to be the largest – and growing – intermediary and MSP-organization in the Benelux.

The Flexmarkt Turnover Ranking Top-100 is a prestigious list, which companies in the flexible labour market eagerly look forward to every year. Mike Korenvaar, CFO at HeadFirst Group: “This list shows the giant steps we take. Last year we experienced an organic growth of over 100 million euros, an increase of 13% compared to 2018. An unprecedented performance in a year which, after two acquisitions, was partly dominated by operational integration of working methods and locations in Utrecht, Rotterdam and Hoofddorp and the migration of the various IT systems. That makes me enormously proud.”

Corona crisis will not bring the hiring market down
Still, it is special to look back on figures from 2019, while we are currently in the middle of the corona crisis. The economy is under considerable pressure, which of course also has an impact on the hiring of flexible labour market. Gert-Jan Schellingerhout, CEO at HeadFirst Group, talks about his view: “We saw that the number of new hirings decreased rapidly in March. The pandemic also has an impact on the number of hours worked by the 12,000 professionals who work for clients via us. Overall, we can say that the impact for us has remained limited to date. The type of professionals we mediate, mostly highly educated knowledge workers and often working in business-critical processes in organizations, can carry out their work for our clients remotely. And we have a good, healthy spread of clients in various sectors, including many government organizations that have remained stable hirers”.

These observations give a slightly positive outlook. Schellingerhout: “Despite the corona pandemic and a number of uncertainties, we are continuing our growth and acquisition strategy. Entrepreneurial and hardworking as we are, we are doing everything in our power to make the year 2020 the festive year that we originally had in mind because of our 25th anniversary”.

Source: flexmarkt.nl

About Flexmarkt Turnover ranking Top-100
The Flexmarkt Turnover Ranking gives an overview of flex companies, from small to large, with various forms of personnel mediation and hiring services. In addition to employment agencies, it also contains numerous payroll companies, as well as secondment companies, self-employed intermediaries and MSP service providers. The Flexmarkt Turnover Ranking Top-100 is published annually by Flexmarkt in collaboration with Corporate Finance International (CFI). In terms of turnover, this leading ranking covers more than half of the total Dutch temporary employment sector and thus provides a clear, representative picture of the developments in the market.

About HeadFirst Group
HeadFirst Group is market leader in the Benelux in the field of professional organization of external hiring. The organization offers a variety of flexible hiring solutions, including contracting, payrolling, matchmaking, global sourcing, Managed Service Providing and business consultancy. Currently more than 12,000 professionals work daily for more than 200 clients in Europe, with which HeadFirst Group realizes an annual turnover of more than 1 billion euros. HeadFirst Group includes the organizations HeadFirst, Myler, Staffing Management Services, Source, Pitch Payroll and Select.

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