HeadFirst Group is firmly in second place in the Flexmarkt Turnover Ranking Top-100 2021 published last week. This prestigious ranking features the 100 largest flexible work agencies in the Netherlands, ranked by the revenue they earned in 2020. With a turnover of more than 1.5 billion euros, HeadFirst Group strengthens its position as the largest intermediary and MSP service provider in the Benelux and permanent Top 3 player in the total flex market.

HeadFirst Group and Between Staffing Group, listed separately but part of HeadFirst Group since November 2020, achieved gross sales of EUR 1,515 billion. A strong result, especially in an eventful year like 2020. Vincent van der Mark, CFO at HeadFirst Group: “The organizations achieved organic revenue growth of 2%, in a year in which we were confronted with the corona virus. That makes us incredibly proud. In 2019 we achieved the milestone of 1 billion euros in turnover for the first time and we have been steaming strongly ever since. Due to our diverse portfolio of clients and strong presence in the niche of highly educated professionals, including many IT professionals, the impact of the coronavirus has been limited.”

Full service service provider
In 2020, HeadFirst Group made the transition to a full service HR service provider by developing as a consultant for clients in the field of recruitment and hiring issues. “We offer data-driven solutions to optimize and future-proof the recruitment process of personnel – flex and permanent”, says Han Kolff, CEO at HeadFirst Group.

This has demonstrably led to success. Existing large master contracts have been extended and new European tender procedures have been won at, among others, the Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations, the Ministry of Justice and Security, the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science, the Municipality of Schiedam and the Leiden University Medical Center Leiden. “The new clients we have welcomed are great news for the independent professionals and suppliers in our network. All open assignments appear on the largest assignment platform in the Netherlands: Select.

Top 10 Flexmarket Turnover ranking Top-100 2021

Source: Flexmarkt.nl

About Flexmarkt Turnover ranking Top-100

The Flexmarkt Turnover Ranking Top-100 is published annually by Flexmarkt in collaboration with Corporate Finance International (CFI). The Turnover Ranking provides an overview of flex companies, from small to large, with various forms of services in personnel mediation and hiring. In addition to employment agencies, it also contains numerous payroll companies, as well as secondment companies, self-employed intermediaries and MSP service providers. In terms of turnover, this leading ranking covers more than half of the total Dutch temporary employment sector and thus provides a clear, representative picture of the developments in the market.

About HeadFirst Group

HeadFirst Group is a leading international HR service provider and specialist in the professional organization of permanent and flexible employment. The organization offers a variety of HR solutions: Managed Service Providing, Recruit Process Outsourcing, intermediary services (matchmaking, contracting) and HR consultancy. Every day, an average of 15,000 professionals work for more than 400 clients in Europe, with which HeadFirst Group realizes an annual turnover of more than 1.5 billion euros. The main brands of HeadFirst Group are the intermediaries HeadFirst, Between and Myler, MSP service provider Staffing Management Services and RPO and recruitment specialist Sterksen.

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