The hiring handbook of the Netherlands

A practical reference work with strong theoretical foundations, which will undoubtedly help you professionalise the way in which you hire staff. An unmissable handbook for line managers, boards of directors, HR professionals and procurement officers.

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Professioneel inhuren van externe arbeid [Hiring external workers professionally] is the only handbook on the market that deals with all aspects of the Dutch flexible work market and also presents figures provided by Statistics Netherlands (where possible) that support the information provided.

This book has a unique perspective, as it mainly focuses on the organisation that is doing the hiring. It explains the various types of external work in detail: temporary work, secondment, subcontracting payment of employees (payrolling), freelancing and employment intermediary services. The business models of the various types of labour are discussed in considerable detail as well.

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Professioneel inhuren van externe arbeid [Hiring external workers professionally]

In nine concise chapters, the authors discuss matters such as the supply and demand sides of the market, the profiles of external workers, relevant laws and regulations and the trends that will shape the flexible work market over the coming years. Thanks to an integrated framework for the hiring of external staff, the layers model for temporary workers and four different options for hiring external staff, every organisation can professionalise its hiring process, or outsource it if needed.

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Paul Oldenburg

Paul Oldenburg, born in 1969, was responsible for the hiring and training of consultants, interim managers and project managers at Syntegra and Flex Groep Nederland. As a co-founder of Evita Particuliere Zorg, he explored the options presented by various type of flexible work as far back as 2003 He also gained experience of using flexible workers in his capacity of the managing director of two small international temping agencies. Since 2009, Oldenburg has been affiliated with Staffing Management Services. In this book, he was able to combine his interest in how markets and organisations function (transaction cost theory) with his hands-on experience of organising the temporary workforce.

Max Boodie

Max Boodie, born in 1964, embarked on his career at the Berenschot consulting firm, where he established a procurement consultancy group in 1997. In 2005, he established DPA Supply Chain, along with the DPA Groep, which is listed on the stock exchange. Bij DPA Supply Chain was Max actief op het gebied van detachering, advies en werving en selectie voor inkoop en supply chain management. Since 2011, Boodie has been involved in the establishment or relaunch of companies as an investor. In addition, he is doing a part-time PhD at Groningen University, where he conducts research on the behaviour of procurement officers and people within organisations who hire external workers. Boodie has authored many columns and articles. As well as several books on benchmark studies and a few collections of columns.

Rob de Laat

Rob de Laat, born in 1966, has been active in the world of flexible working since 1989. When he served on the board of the Rijnhaave Groep, he used to be amazed at the lack of organisational supervision regarding the hiring of external workers. Even then, he was astonished to see that there was no alignment between the organisations' objectives and the personal goals stated by the flexible workers they hired. Since selling the Flex Groep Nederland secondment agency, he has had time to focus on realising his dream: creating a transparent and flexible labour market, where the interests of clients, service providers and flexible workers are all balanced.

Peter Donker van Heel

Dr Peter Donker van Heel, born in 1956, is a partner at De Beleidsonderzoekers. Over the past decades, he has conducted more than 500 labour-related studies, e.g. on different types of temping work, subcontracting payments to employees and other triangular relationships and on the reasons why employers and employees choose to opt for certain types of contract. Furthermore, he has evaluated labour market policies and labour market measures.

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