In July 2018, the Cabinet announced the company visits of at least 100 Principals. In the second progress letter in November, they informed that they have made the selection of Principals and have already conducted the majority of the company visits. Further details of enforcement will not be known until later. Until there is a full-fledged successful replacement for the DBA Act, we anticipate that large risk-averse Principals will be looking for certainty.

Traffic light model
HeadFirst offers solutions to this: by using its own agreement, approved by the Belastingdienst, combined with a set of measures and controls at ourselves and Clients. Part of this is the DBA Scorecard. A tooling that determines whether an independent professional can be hired for an assignment or whether there is a relationship of authority, which makes this not wise under the current DBA Act. This is tested on the basis of 20 questions in which the traffic light model is central:

  • Green > hiring is possible because there is clearly no relationship of authority.
  • Orange > hiring is possible, but there are indications of a relationship of authority. Monitoring of the actual situation is thus necessary.
  • Red > hiring not possible, as there is clearly a relationship of authority. HeadFirst can offer alternatives in this case, such as a payroll construction or adjust the circumstances of the role - where possible.

Optimal DBA compliance
Mediq, one of the largest providers of healthcare solutions in the world, was the first client to embrace the DBA Scorecard, thus relieving them of the risk-free hiring of external professionals. After Mediq engaged HeadFirst to guide it in the process to optimal Wet DBA compliance, the traffic light model was also applied to them. During the HeadFirst Insights Event "Risk Joy" on October 30, 2018, this client case was explained based on results it has given them:

  • Complete control over the hiring of Independent Professionals.
  • Awareness among Principals (HR and hiring managers): what roles can be performed by an Independent.
  • Awareness among self-employed: focus on being an entrepreneur, avoid the appearance of a relationship of authority with the Principal.
  • The hiring of Independent Professionals conforms to the current frameworks of the legislation and the organization thus demonstrates that it is not a malicious Principal.

"HeadFirst has found a good form of risk hedging with us in partnership. We are very satisfied with that."
Govert Laninga, Manager HR Services Mediq

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