HeadFirst Group responds to the internet consultation on the Law on Admission for the Posting of Workers

From Wednesday, January 24 through Saturday, February 24, it was possible to respond to the Internet consultation on the amendment of the Decree on allocation of labor forces by intermediaries. This in connection with the plans to introduce an admission system. A total of sixteen public responses were submitted.

As a market-leading organization, we believe it is important to contribute to the political-social debate on the future of the (flexible) labor market. For this reason, we also responded to the internet consultation. Below is a brief summary of our response point by point:

  • HeadFirst Group is concerned about the broad scope of the admission system. We embrace the recommendations of the Roemer Commission to improve the position of migrant workers, but as an HR service provider at the top of the market, we have nothing to do with this issue. We therefore call for more customization;
  • Much important information in the Explanatory Memorandum is currently missing. The draft decision does not yet contain a framework of standards and information is also missing with regard to the waiver scheme. In order to make a well-considered and complete judgment on this change, it is important that we as an organization have all relevant figures and obligations;
  • HeadFirst Group supports the advice of the Advisory Panel on Regulatory Burden (ATR) to investigate less burdensome alternatives and first firmly enforce the laws and obligations in force. By following this advice, companies will be prevented from being saddled with at least 143 million euros of additional regulatory burden every year;
  • The broad scope means that thousands of companies will soon have to be admitted to the system. This requires good representation from industry associations and umbrella organizations so that all interests and concerns are heard in a timely and regular manner.

Curious about our full input? Check out our response here.