Digitizing for more user-centricity and shorter processes

Within HeadFirst Group, we started an important behind-the-scenes project last year: a completely revamped, digital onboarding of professionals as soon as they start working for our clients. In collaboration with screening platform Victoria ID, we are working on a faster and smarter way to conduct screenings - an important, but also time-intensive, part of onboarding. Gerjan Pranger, operations director at HeadFirst Group: "By further digitizing the process, we are creating space to give personal attention to our professionals and partners at the times when it really adds value for them."

Founder and CEO of Victoria ID, Stéphanie Eikhoudt: "With Victoria ID, we want to introduce a new validation method. Together with HeadFirst Group, we are working to reduce screening turnaround times by automating the process as much as possible. For example, we use validated ID data for simultaneous checks, which results in faster results and ensures the reliability of the information."

Accelerating processes with AI cross-check technique

Stéphanie discusses this method passionately and enthusiastically. "With our updated AI cross-check technique, we are taking data validation to the next level, where our software reads authenticity attributes faster and more accurately than ever before. This allows us to significantly speed up the screening process for all HeadFirst Group clients. We maintain high quality standards in validation processes, focusing on efficiency, ease of use and customization."

Gerjan Pranger, operations director at HeadFirst Group, is leading this multidisciplinary project. "Instead of carrying out screenings ourselves, it makes much more sense to have this done by a specialized party. Victoria ID is not just a supplier, but really a partner. We develop, test, gather information and together build the best workflow. It is a very intensive collaboration that contributes to further development for both organizations."

"Developments go as fast as they can, but as slow as they have to." - Gerjan Pranger

Building bridges together

Gerjan continues: "We strive to create a fully digital workflow and shorter processing times. That is one of our project management principles. After the testing phase and a successful pilot with Rabobank, it is now time to address process challenges. For example, what is technically smartest, but more importantly, what works best for the user? Everything has to be aligned, which takes time and attention. We are building bridges together as we walk over them."

"High quality standards emphasize efficiency, convenience and customization." - Stéphanie Eikhoudt

"Our focus is on bringing together different teams, each with their own expertise. Creating synergy and motivating teams are fundamental to the success of our project. This joint effort has allowed us to refine our strategies during the pilot phase. In 2024, we will celebrate an important milestone: the full integration and implementation of this innovative platform.", concludes Stéphanie.

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