Sustainable Development Goals

As a growing HR services provider, HeadFirst Group takes its role in the labour market and society seriously. We therefore support the UN Sustainable Development Goals, and in cooperation with our clients, suppliers, independent professionals, and employees, we actively contribute to these goals.

Diversity and Inclusion

Our workforce is diverse and inclusive. We embrace differences in age, origin, life experience and religion. We also aim for diversity in our mediation of professionals. We therefore stand up against labour market discrimination and focus on our main priority: the right person in the right place.

Sustainable employability of flex workers

We contribute to a developing and skilled workforce through offering personal development services and career partner solutions to our flex workers. These solutions include income stability, personal mentoring, training, and career planning. As a result, we ensure that people stay employable in a rapidly changing labour market.

Fair and transparent labour market.

Our platform offers a fast lane for matching supply and demand of flex work. By connecting clients, independent professionals, and suppliers, we create employment opportunities and give companies access into the most qualified knowledge professionals. Furthermore, our platform contributes to market transparency and fair rates for specialised and skilled work.

Continuous development

We encourage self-development and lifelong learning for our employees. Our performance management program gives our employees control over their own development, and we offer internal peer-to-peer support. In addition, we offer a wide range of training sessions, courses, and webinars to keep our employees up to speed.


We must nurture our planet, which is why we consider the environment in our operations and policies. We make a concrete contribution to this through the following activities:

  • Our preference is for company cars with a low
    Co2 emissions.
  • We separate our waste where possible and
    encourage the use of environmentally friendly
    cleaning products.
  • We have energy-saving measures on