Yes, there is such a thing as the average self-employed person A few facts about self-employed people.

In this report – which was drawn up by an independent knowledge platform, ZiPconomy – we present some useful facts, figures and insights about self-employed persons without employees. With a view to showing how different and diverse this group is and raising the level of the public debate on the labour market.

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Debate on the future of self-employed persons without employees tainted by incorrect data and misinterpretations.

Judging from a publication by the ZiPconomy independent knowledge platform, which analysed the differences and diversity of self-employed persons without employees in the Netherlands at the request of HeadFirst Group and ONL for entrepreneurs, the political debate on the future of self-employed persons without employees in the labour market is subject to incorrect data and misinterpretations. Read the entire press release here.

Obviously, self-employed persons without employees exist, but they cannot be summed up in a one-size-fits-all definition.

‘There is no such thing as a typical self-employed person without employees’ is a cliché that is often heard in the political and social discussions that have been held in recent years. The saying indicates that self-employed persons, who number more than a million in the Netherlands, are a highly diverse group of workers. Ranging from freelance copywriters to interim managers and couriers who deliver parcels. And also including bakers, artists and therapists who work independently. Read more about it on ZiPconomy.

If we wish to have a more meaningful debate on self-employed persons without employees, it is vital that we use the right figures

Han Kolff, chair of HeadFirst Group’s board of directors, discussed the report with BNR Radio. You can listen to the interview in the clip below.


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