Independence, flexibility and social security. A look across the border.

The Netherlands is not the only country to struggle with establishing work-related rules and regulations. Our neighbouring countries are also dealing with a society that is increasingly modern, digitalised and flexible. That means it is worth your while to take a look at what is being done in other countries.

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Newly sworn-in minister can immediately get started on the file for self-employed persons without employees

If it were up to Han Kolff, chair of HeadFirst Group’s board of directors, and ONL CEO Hans Biesheuvel, the politician succeeding outgoing minister Wouter Koolmees as Minister of Social Affairs and Employment in the Netherlands’ new cabinet would start by focusing on the position of self-employed persons without employees in the job market. Flexible employment relationships are increasingly common around the globe and require clear rules and regulation. Judging from a study conducted by the ZiPconomy independent knowledge platform at the request of HeadFirst Group and ONL, there is much the Netherlands can learn from Belgium, California and Scandinavia in this regard. Read the entire press release here.

Also, view the round-table talks on the future of the labour market

Under the supervision of ONL founder Hans Biesheuvel, Han Kolff of HeadFirst Group, Jeroen Zwinkels (CEO of Manpower), Dominique Hermans (CEO of Randstad) and Cristel van de Ven (chair of VZN) discussed the future of the labour market.


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