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Each year, HeadFirst Group presents an extensive report on its performance, results and strategy in its annual report. Download the report or read about its key components.

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HeadFirst Group is a leading international HR services provider and the largest platform for professionals in the Netherlands.

HeadFirst Group strongest growth in 'MSP and Intermediary' segment of Flexmarkt Turnover Ranking Top-100 2022

Influenced by an improving economy, the need for digitalisation and further flexibilisation of the labour market, the demand for professionals in 2021 rose to great heights: HeadFirst Group received a record number of assignments (23,263) to match candidates. The organisation was able to fulfil them successfully. A record number of 26,938 professionals worked through HeadFirst Group at some point in 2021.

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Our new headquarters

In January 2022, we moved into our new head offices in Hoofddorp. It is an inspiring place, where connecting people is key. The office does
justice to our leading position as an HR services provider and it helps us to underline our sustainability ambitions.

Annual report 2021

In this abridged version of our annual report presents you with the management report and the key components of our financial statement.

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