Goals for sustainable development

As a growing HR service provider, we take our role on the labour market and in society seriously. For this reason, we support the UN Sustainable Development Goals and actively contribute to them in cooperation with our customers, suppliers, self-employed professionals and employees.


Diversity & Inclusion

Our workforce is diverse and inclusive. We embrace differences in age, origin, life experience and religion. We also strive for diversity in our sourcing of professionals. For this reason, we oppose discrimination in the labour market and focus on our number one priority: the right person in the right place.

Employment, economic growth and education

  • We contribute to a continuously developing and skilled workforce by offering personal development and career guidance for independent professionals, to ensure that people remain employable in a rapidly changing labour market.
Economic growth
  • Our platform connects the supply and demand of temporary assignments. By bringing together clients with self-employed professionals and suppliers, we create employment opportunities and give companies access to the most qualified professionals. Moreover, our platform contributes towards market transparency and fair rates for specialised and qualified work.
  • We encourage self-development of our employees. Our performance management programme gives employees control over their own development. In addition, we offer plenty of training programmes, courses and webinars to keep our employees constantly up to date.


We must cherish our planet, which is why we take the environment into account in our business operations and policies. We make a concrete contribution through the following activities:

a We give preference to company cars with low
CO2 emissions.
b We separate our waste where possible and
encourage the use of environmentally friendly
cleaning products.
c We implement energy-saving solutions within the office.