HeadFirst Group ("HeadFirst"), the market leader in professionally organizing external hiring, has raised an initial investment of 75 million euros from Kartesia. The investor will receive a minority stake in HeadFirst, which has more than ten thousand professionals working daily for hundreds of clients.

The flex market is developing and especially the segment of intermediaries and managed service providers, in which HeadFirst is big, is growing fast. The organization is active with its platform solutions in the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Scandinavia, Poland and Switzerland and sees opportunities to add clients in other European countries. CEO Han Kolff of HeadFirst explains, "The support of a strong financial partner like Kartesia helps to accelerate our growth strategy, both in the Netherlands and the rest of Europe. The focus here is on perpetuating and expanding HeadFirst's role as a full service HR service provider, innovating with smart online solutions and adding value to our clients with rich data."

With Kartesia, HeadFirst has found a partner that fits well with the company and its entrepreneurial culture. Kartesia is a leading investor for mid-market companies in Europe. Recently, Kartesia has invested in a number of technology companies in the business services sector, including Sewan, the French market leader in digital telephony, Richardson Sales Performance, the global leader in sales training and performance improvement, and MAIN Energie, a provider of innovative energy supply solutions aimed at SMEs throughout the Netherlands.

Jean Diercxsens, managing director of Kartesia, added: "HeadFirst is one of the leading players in the HR services market in the Benelux, offering innovative value-added solutions to its large network of clients, suppliers and independent professionals. The group has a proven track record of both organic growth and growth through acquisitions, gaining market share through technologically advanced services in a competitive environment. We look forward to working closely with the team to continue to leverage the company's potential across Europe."

About HeadFirst Group
HeadFirst Group is the market leader in the Benelux in the professional organization of external hiring. The organization offers a diversity of flex solutions, including contracting, matchmaking, msp services and business consultancy. Every day more than ten thousand professionals work for over 350 clients in Europe, with which HeadFirst Group realizes an annual turnover of over 1 billion euros. The main brands of HeadFirst Group are intermediary HeadFirst, Myler and MSP service provider Staffing Management Services.

About Kartesia
Kartesia is a pan-European, independent and private investment fund. It focuses on facilitating tailor-made investments to leading mid-market companies from a wide range of high-growth sectors. Kartesia manages over €2.5 billion in assets, which it does with a team of fifty experienced professionals from across its investment and management teams, led by its four founders and also managing partners. The group has offices in Brussels, Frankfurt, London, Luxembourg, Madrid, Munich and Paris.

For further information
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