HeadFirst Group, active in the flexible labor and external hiring market, acquires industry peer Between Staffing Group. In a constantly evolving labor market, the demand for full service HR service providers is increasing and scalability is a key success factor. By combining the strengths of HeadFirst Group and Between, the new group is optimally positioned to seize market opportunities and continue its growth strategy together.

Between Staffing Group, consisting of the Between, FastFlex, Yellow Friday and EXPR brands, is one of the largest intermediaries for temporary employment in the Netherlands; every day over four thousand professionals work for clients through the organization. HeadFirst Group provides a broad spectrum of solutions for flexible labor, including contracting, matchmaking, msp services and hiring consultancy. More than ten thousand professionals work through HeadFirst Group every day for over three hundred and fifty clients in Europe, generating an annual turnover of over €1 billion. Together, HeadFirst Group and Between are the market leader in the Benelux in organizing external hiring.

Full service HR service provider
Han Kolff, CEO of HeadFirst Group: "The merger of HeadFirst and Between strengthens our position as a full service HR service provider. We hold the key to expand this role, nationally and internationally. With our smart online solutions, rich data and expert consultants, we increase the customer experience every day. I look forward to jointly realizing our ambitions."

Rein Buijtelaar, CEO of Between Staffing Group, added: "HeadFirst Group's energy and ambition aligns very well with Between's DNA. We complement each other well, as evidenced by the complementary customer portfolio and our different sourcing formulas. Together we have a winning online platform on which supply and demand in the flexible labor market come together. I look forward to the next steps of the new combination."

In addition to clients, HeadFirst Group sees the suppliers and independent professionals (zp'ers) in its network as equally important customer groups. Kolff: "With this step we become even more interesting for suppliers and self-employed professionals. Together we form the largest assignment platform in the Netherlands, where these entrepreneurs have direct access to hundreds of clients. But together we can also innovate faster and on a larger scale. This contributes to our profile as the partner for a 'life long flexible career'."

About HeadFirst Group
HeadFirst Group is the market leader in the Benelux in the professional organization of external hiring. The organization offers a diversity of flex solutions, including contracting, matchmaking, msp services and business consultancy. Every day more than ten thousand professionals work for over 350 clients in Europe, with which HeadFirst Group realizes an annual turnover of over 1 billion euros. The main brands of HeadFirst Group are intermediary HeadFirst, Myler and MSP service provider Staffing Management Services.

About Between Staffing Group
Between Staffing exists since 2000 and searches, finds and contracts professionals for interim assignments with major clients. The company works from the strength of personal staffing and total market access, advises on hiring processes and benchmarks on quality and rates. Clients include much of central government, banks, insurers, provinces, universities, multinationals and system integrators. Between realized annual sales of approximately 475 million euros in 2019.

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