Suitcase filled with flex solutions symbolizes composition of HeadFirst Group

HeadFirst, Source, Myler and Staffing Management Services are united in HeadFirst Group. The composition of these companies enables HeadFirst Group to provide a solution for any hiring issue. The organization, which went off the Amsterdam stock exchange at the end of 2018, was still trading under the name HeadFirst Source Holding but the management now announces that it will continue as HeadFirst Group. With the aim of simplifying the name, but above all clarifying the story to clients.

Solution for every hiring issue
According to Gert-Jan Schellingerhout, CEO at HeadFirst Group, HeadFirst Group's strength lies in creating value by serving organizations across the board with flex services. "We see our group as a suitcase filled with solutions - such as contracting, payrolling, matchmaking, global sourcing, Managed Service Providing and business consultancy - with which we support and guide our clients in the journey to a professional hiring process for every hiring issue." Which solution is most appropriate depends on the organization and its needs. Schellingerhout: "Our business consultants use analyses and discussions with the client to determine what stage of hiring maturity an organization is in. Based on that, we recommend a type of service."

Label strategy remains spearhead
The organizations HeadFirst, Myler and Source have been united to benefit from synergy advantages, such as streamlining work processes, economies of scale and sharing expertise. Staffing MS remains an independent business unit within the group, anchoring its independence - which is essential as a Managed Service Provider. Staffing MS does use the strengths of the group.

HeadFirst Group is the umbrella brand above all the companies, offering the wide range of flex services to clients under one common name. Schellingerhout agrees that working from HeadFirst Group has advantages. He does stress that for the time being the label strategy will also be retained. "The various brands have a powerful name, to which our relations also have a strong connection. Therefore, we are not just saying goodbye to them."

International footprint
HeadFirst Group is also taking steps towards a leading role internationally. Schellingerhout: "Besides the Benelux, we are already active in Germany, Scandinavia, Switzerland and Italy, among others. We want to further expand our market share in Europe by convincing clients of our unique services, based on our extensive experience in the Benelux. A common name and common story contribute to this."

About HeadFirst Group
HeadFirst Group is market leader in the Benelux in the professional organization of external hiring. The organization offers a diversity of flex solutions, including contracting, payrolling, matchmaking, global sourcing, Managed Service Providing and business consultancy. Currently, approximately 9,500 professionals work daily for over two hundred clients in Europe, with which HeadFirst Group realizes an annual turnover of approximately 950 million euros. Part of HeadFirst Group are the companies HeadFirst, Myler, Staffing Management Services, Source, Pitch Payroll and Designated Professionals.