If we want change to happen, men need to be part of the conversation. Therefore, together with @BrandedU, we are publishing a white paper compiling the conclusions of Men as Advocates for Women's Visibility. This well-attended Summit took place in June at our headquarters in Hoofddorp, with both Chairman of the Board Han Kolff and CEO Marion van Happen on stage.

This white paper was written to shed light on the stories and examples of men who have used their leadership positions to influence gender equality in their own organizations. BrandedU gathered these leaders to inspire and influence more men, especially those in positions of power, to incorporate alliance and advocacy to perpetuate gender equality. The list below summarizes the various strategies that were discussed:

  • Strategy #1- Use your privilege: Use your privilege to open doors for women.
  • Strategy #2- Create a safe space to be authentic: Hold yourself accountable to create inclusive spaces.
  • Strategy #3- Start by breaking the rules: Use your position as gatekeeper to change the rules, or better, break them!
  • Strategy #4- Practice curiosity: Ask questions, even the uncomfortable ones.
  • Strategy #5- RESPECT. Be the one to show your emotions.

Of course, this is not an exhaustive list of actions that can be taken by male leaders to advocate for women's visibility and gender equality. It is a list compiled from inspiring stories and experiences of men who have taken the steps described above and influenced change within their own organizations. We hope it inspires you too!

Read the entire white paper here